Cash Management Services: Malawi & Tanzania

Every day, our world becomes increasingly complex. This is why more and more companies turn to KK Security for secure transportation and cash management solutions in Malawi, and now in Tanzania.

We’ve delivered comprehensive cash management solutions to the financial and retail sectors in Malawi since 2011. Our solutions enable clients to focus on their core business and automate their cash processes, get an instant cash guarantee, eliminate risk and ensure fast cash settlements.

Our services include:

  • Armoured transportation

  • Cash vault services

  • ATM management

  • Payroll services

  • Event ticketing and payment collection services

Armoured Truck Transportation

Our vehicle fleet is extensive; we use a variety of soft-skinned, semi-armoured or armoured vehicles to carry out CIT tasks.

Cash Vault Services

GardaWorld Africa offers the following cash logistics solutions to commercial banks and retail clients in Malawi:

  • Pick up and drop off

  • Secure transportation

  • Courier rider services

We manage a business’s full cash cycle and cash in transit logistics eliminating cash risk for our clients across the retail and financial sectors. 

ATM Services

GardaWorld Africa provides a full complement of ATM services involving the loading of cassettes, replenishment of ATM sites, collection of residual cash, captured cards and deposit envelopes, including a full or partial reconciliation process. All necessary documentation is prepared and forwarded to the bank before end of day.

The efficiency in uptime and cost savings delivered by this service is clear and tangible.

Cash Confirmation & Banking

Our Cash Management expertise provides our clients with peace of mind as we offer convenient, secure and timely services, such as:

  • Counting, confirming and acknowledging amounts received from the customer

  • Depositing cash on behalf of a customer at a designated bank branch or KK Cash Centre

  • Delivering slips/information to the bank for appropriate credit to the client’s account

Cheque Cashing

We can help you process your cheques faster and more economically than anyone else in the market. To take on the processing of cheques, we provide cash management solutions and operate with highly trained agents.

Popular with NGOs and offices that handle cash regularly and in bulk, our services reduce risk to your employees, enhancing staff security and productivity.

Our services include:

  • Collection of cheques from clients' premises and delivery to the designated bank branch

  • Cheque processing by an appointed GardaWorld agent and cash delivery to clients' premises

Payroll Services

Our payroll team can receive funds from clients and manage payroll distribution to their staff. Our cash centre packages the wages into individual envelopes and holds pay parades at the client’s premises to issue and sign off wages with staff. This is concluded with management during a final reconciliation of accounts.  

Event Ticketing and Payment Collection Services

KK Security provides customers with the convenience of handling payments from their patrons during events, such as sporting events, concerts, expos, trade fairs, church fundraisers, and any other scenario that requires event ticket management. These payments are then reconciled and securely deposited at the bank or alternate location as advised.

Our services include:

  • Site visits and allocation of resources at various cash collection points at the event venue, each with appropriate security, receipts, wristbands and cash/change

  • Cash security and management during the event

  • Cash security, accountability, reconciliation and banking after the event

If you would like to learn more about cash management Solutions from GardaWorld Africa,

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