Technical Security Solutions

Our highly experienced technology consultants develop security, fire alarm, audiovisual system and communications infrastructure solutions that address the client’s security, safety, and technological needs. With over 20 years’ experience and over 40 dedicated staff within our team, we are a trusted supplier of leading technological security solutions to clients across Africa.

In the course of delivering exceptionally responsive service to our clients, we effectively interact with our clients’ internal staff, external consultants, architects, and systems integrators. Our flexibility, professionalism and commitment to excellence has resulted in projects completed on time, on budget, in compliance with all governing codes and regulations, and fully coordinated with the activities of other design consultants and contractors. In addition, we go beyond simple routine maintenance and extend our service guarantee past manufacturer warranty in order to secure our customers’ ROI and equipment life cycle.



Automatic Alarms


An automatic alarm system is far superior to the basic manual alarm system. It allows for 24-hour coverage, regardless of whether the client is present at home or the office. Once a sensor is triggered, the signal is received at our National Command & Control Centres and a mobile response team is dispatched immediately.

The automatic alarm system is triggered from a variety of sensors, such as magnetic door contacts, window vibration sensors and infrared motion sensors.

Other features of the automatic alarm system include:

  • Control panel

  • Transmitter

  • Exterior siren and strobe light

  • Backup battery

  • Wall keypad for arming and disarming

  • Option of wired or wireless sensors

A survey must be conducted to determine the number and type of required sensors.

Manual Alarms


A manual alarm system is a basic ‘push and alert’ system. Once the alarm is activated manually by pressing a fixed or wireless remote button, GardaWorld Africa's National Command & Control Centres will receive the alarm activation and dispatch a mobile response team to your home or business immediately.

The basic alarm system has the following features:

  • Three panic buttons, wired directly to a GardaWorld Africa transmitter

  • Optional remote button available on request

  • Additional panic buttons

  • You will only be charged a monthly fee for the Mobile Response

Panic Alarm Systems


We provide manually operated panic alarms with a siren for local alerts or a silent connection to GardaWorld radio transmitters with mobile response teams.

Fixed or wireless panic buttons are normally installed in selected locations of the area to be secured. A local audible siren and a transmission unit will notify the neighbours or people nearby of distress in the area. Subsequently, an electronic radio signal is sent to the National Command & Control Centre for prompt action.

Fire Alarm Systems


GardaWorld Africa offers a broad portfolio of fire alarm systems for accurate, reliable and quick fire detection. Our state-of-the-art systems help protect office buildings, warehouses, lodging establishments, educational facilities, retail stores and many other types of facilities throughout the East African region.

Our automatic smoke, heat, gas or combined sensors are installed in a location that allows for accurate detection and promptly activate an audible alarm. With strategically placed break glass switches that are connected to an alarm, anyone who sees a fire can break the glass, which will instantly activate an alarm.

Automatic systems are connected to sensors that are linked to a control panel that will activate an alarm and automatically initiate countermeasures—such as a sprinkler system—for quick and effective fire control.

Smoke Screen Systems


A smoke screen security system protects against burglary and criminal damage by releasing thick smoke that conceals valuables by blurring the vision of the intruder.

The immediate release of smoke will confuse and shock any intruder or burglar, leaving them no choice but to retreat from the property even before they can attempt to steal anything. Smoke screen security systems are highly effective in stopping a burglary before it occurs.

These systems are beneficial for both residential and commercial properties.

Intruder Alarm Systems


Our intruder alarm systems are designed to detect intrusion or unauthorised entry into domestic and commercial properties. This acts as a preemptive measure that provides an early warning of a potential threat.

We also provide 24/7 monitoring and a National Command & Control Centre that will dispatch mobile response teams and call property owners in the event of alarm activation.

The most basic alarm consists of one or more sensors to detect intruders and an alerting device to signal the intrusion.

Basic features include:

  • Main alarm panel to arm (switch ON/OFF or disarm) alarm system

  • Motion sensors to detect unauthorised movement

  • Door contacts to detect opening of secured doors

  • Vibration sensors to secure windows (and in some cases walls) against forced physical entry

  • Siren/flasher unit (sound)


Access Control & Biometrics

Biometric Access Systems


GardaWorld Africa offers reliable, durable and highly accurate biometric access systems. They come already assembled and easy to program via keypads and embedded firmware.

Whether they are used to access a building, secure restricted locations within establishments or for time and attendance management, our biometric access systems enhance building security, internal communications and employee management with utmost reliability and accuracy.

Some of the features include:

  • Reliable, durable and highly accurate infrared detection biometric sensor

  • User recognition in less than one second

  • Stores 1,500 fingerprint templates and 30,000 transactions

  • Reads fingerprint and/or RFID cards

  • Built-in serial, Ethernet and USB ports

  • Tamper switch and alarm contacts

  • And more

CCTV Monitoring Systems


We provide an extensive range of CCTV monitoring systems that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your business.

We offer a choice of traditional analogue CCTV systems or the latest IP-based digital solutions with everything from stand-alone cameras for a branch office or building complexes to integrated and IP addressable CCTV systems for high security environments.

Our state-of-the-art monitoring systems allow us to effectively and remotely monitor and respond to any incidents that may occur, day or night.

Some of the features include but are not limited to:

  • Choice of dome, bullet or box cameras

  • Day/night video technology

  • Infrared illumination

  • Wide range of digital video recorders

  • Touchscreen monitor surveillance available

  • Mobile connectivity for remote detection

Automatic Gate


GardaWorld Africa offers strong and sturdy remote controlled sliding and electronic swing gates for access control to homes, apartment blocks and commercial facilities, among other applications.

We provide the African market with stronger, superior and secure swing gates for commercial and industrial use.

Vehicle Barriers


Boom (barrier) gates are typically used for car parks, apartment complexes and tollbooths to control the flow of traffic.

At GardaWorld Africa, we offer both manual and automatic boom gates and barriers for vehicle and pedestrian access control, high security and anti-terror security measures.

Boom (barrier) gates are the ideal way to automate and control vehicle movement in:

  • Public parking entrances

  • Car parks

  • Private entrances

  • Entrances to a block of flats/units

Metal Detectors


GardaWorld’s partnerships have allowed us to provide the African market with high performance walk-through metal detectors that meet all international security standards.

These walk-through detectors allow a high level of differentiation between significant metal masses, such as weapons and personal metal effects.

The features include but are not limited to:

  • Accurate detection of magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed-alloy metal weapons

  • High differentiation and throughput

  • Exceptional immunity to environmental interference

  • Unmatched reliability

  • Rapid installation

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