A show of bravery in Nairobi

A Show of Bravery in Nairobi

In early November, our staff in Nairobi were called into action- by responding to a fire at Turi village in the early morning.

“The fact that there were no casualties was largely due to the actions of some of your guards in responding to the incident and literally pulling people from their homes as the fire was spreading rapidly. I’m not sure who was on duty but wanted to pass on thanks to them for their speed of response,” reported Alison Farago, Bursar, St Andrew’s School, Turi.

KK security guards go through rigorous training in security, first aid provision and firefighting. Their skills were put to good use during this incident and prevented many injuries if not potential fatalities.

Our guards and their supervisor (named below) were presented with commendation certificates for their outstanding performance and bravery:

Alfred opondo

Denis Emukule

Denis Ombasa

Felix Langat

Peter Olum, Supervisor

Vincent Mageka